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Goodbye world ... [12 Sep 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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Could you tell me every word? [02 Sep 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | okay ]

it was really weird earlier when i walked around Alveston. It was so amazingly quiet - there was no-one around or anything (& that was like 12am.. so ..mm ). i suppose its 'cause some people have gone back to school now. got the ticket for Tommy this morning - i think all the tickets sold out very quickly though! i also watched the stupid GErman film (which like all german films didn't seem to have a plot!) was really crap & boring & i only understood 1/2 of it. o well. not really done much else. i'm not gonna update all about France 'cause it'll take to long. going to put some links to pictures up from France & Wales.
A partial kinda sunset thing!
Joe carrying a lot of water!

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[01 Sep 2005|04:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok, about 1/2 way through the 1st days walking we all agreeded we'd never manage the final day of the walk which was the longest & included a total of 1500m accent. thats why i'm back today 'cause we cut Friday off! Tuesday we got the train to Newport & then a connection onto Abergavenny. had to then find our way out & onto the Brecon way footpath (which didn't look well used as we had to hack our way past stinging nettles). The main problem that day was it was really hot & sunny & all of our packs were really heavy, mine being the lightest. We carried on & got to Brynygwnin forlunch (& no i cannot pronounce that!) carried on & summited Ysgyryd Fawr (486m) as part of it. unfortunately we were making crap progress (not helped by the site we had got the routes off seriously under estimating distance!) so we made a decision to stop just over 1/2 way to were we should have camped as it was 6:30pm by then. So we camped at Llanvihangel Crucorney (14Km in total). was a good site - basic but all you need with a tent to be honest! (thats the phrase we all said the whole time .. kinda strange i know!) was really hard to sleep though due to a number of reasons - next to a train track, under a flight path & i had bruises all round my back & sides .. so ..mmm! next day Jack's mum gave us a lift to Crickhowell (which is were we were ment to get to that day anyway!) we set up the tent & dumped everything we didn't need for a day walk so our bags were reasonable to walk in. went for a walk up table to Table Mountain & onto Pen Cerrig-calch. it was good to summit on some high hills (for Wales anyway!) first was 440m, second 701m. we cut down a sheep path from the second peak because there was a thunder storm. unfortunately the path ran out 1/2 way so we had to hack our way through ferns, over barbed wire fences etc. (12.5Km) was great though - hard work, but not to bad & i really enjoyed it, everyone did! So the 2nd camp was similar although we all slept slightly better. had a choc fondue on the cooker too - was reasonbly successful! haribo dipped in choc ... mmm .. yummmmyness! so today we had to carry full packs & so walked along a tow path - boring but flat! was 8.5 Km & we ended up in Llangynidr to have a pub lunch before Lucy's mum bought us back.

Marion came round & we got COLDPLAY TICKETS for Friday 16th December at Earls Court! HOW COOOOL IS IT GOING TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as long as we can get an adult to come it'll work .. need another ticket .. but hey! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEE!!

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Why have a map of the Paris underground in a French diary?! [29 Aug 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so i didn't manage to write a proper updatye about France. it was shite. dunno if i'll bother now. might put some pics up, they're on my msn space though! being picked up tomorrow at 9am-ish by Jack's mum .. so .. it should be good i think. i hope. hard walking though & my pack is close to 12Kg .. possibly a little bit more. just have to see. should probly go to bed npow as i don't imagine sharing a 4 man with Lucy, Jack & Joe is going to prove that comfertable ... as its camping too on my roll mat with no pillow .. hm .. t'is life i suppose! so, untill Friday late! maybe Saturday morning - depedning on how dead i feel! hehe!

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[28 Aug 2005|08:14pm]
i'm back. one bloody, totally shite week. only highlights being capsizing on Saturday in Martin's boat, talking to Lucy on Wednesday, talking to Marion / Jenny Thursday & coming home today. i wrote a load've stuff down which i'll probly uupdate with later / tomorrow. got togo for dinner. .. i'll update proper soon!
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[18 Aug 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | drained ]

results .. could have been worse, but also could of been better. no-one in the family (apart from my dad who i emailed) has been happy for me & said well done, its all been "well you know what you have to work harder on nexdt year" "when can you start resitting?" or just nothing ...literally. its so bloody annoying though.. i put so much bloody effort into it all... & they don't realise it. they dont appreciate what it took me to do in some of that. doing my fucking head in.

Geography was an A (which i'm so glad i got!), both Chemistry & Maths were a few marks off the A (maths by 3, chem by 2 - outta 300) which sucks like hell, German was 2 marks into a B .. screwed up the writing big time. i might have to reatkae that from parent pressure!! General studies was a C (cause im not cultured! almost got an E in that module, politics a B, science / maths etc a very high A - o well .. means nothing does it!!) critical thinking was a big fat D .. don't care about that either!

so France tomorrow... sucks .. don't wanna go .. but gonna have to deal with it .. till a week on Sunday!

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a stoke of luck ... [17 Aug 2005|06:42pm]

& some pics! as links 'cause i can't be botehred with the whole lj cut & image thing!

Oban front
The sunset
The sunset 10 minutes later
A castle out in a loch!
The lost valley
Glen Coe
On the plateau
Waterfall in Glen Orchy
Boat on Kerrera
Castle we went to

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[17 Aug 2005|05:46pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Got back a couple of hours ago - finally. the way we travelled back just made it seem like it took for ever. kinda frustrating when we could have been home by 8pm yesterday ..but no! i sort of wrote an update each day so now i'm gonna try & decipher my writing & put it up! pictures to come later.

Friday 12th The journey up actuly took forever because of roadworks & accidents etc on the way. Me & Pants have decided we're gonna talk to each other in german when the parents annoy us, much easer! they also cant yell at us 'cause nether of them talk more than 3 words of german! Random Canadian dude staying with Ken & Linda - he has a real American accent though which is confusing! Ken & Linda managed to anny me within 5 minutes with their "Anthony ... " etc ...
Saturday 13th Left at about 10am & then sat in traffic for ages because of roadworks, accidents, bad weather etc which made the journey considerably longer than it should have been. met Carol & Geoff (who are some relation i dunno how to work out .. grandpas cousin .. kinda a tricky one you see!! anyone know that one?)Going to go walking with them tomorrow. Came & checked into the hostel which is pretty good then went out to a fish & chip shop which did amazing fish & chips - for those uf us who like them!! walked along the front & watched the most amazing sunset ever!
Sunday 14th drove up to Glen Coe & walked up to the Lost Valley. it took about 3 hours there & back, a really steep climb up. some really good views in that area though! drove back over Rannoch moor & then down Glen Orchy which had some amazing Geological & geomorphological features. we went to Carol & Geoff's for dinner & saw this stag (with 14 spikes in total, meaning the most prestigious aparntly ... came really close but unfortunately i didnt have my camera with me!)
Monday 15th woke up to rain & it got worse as we drove to the ferry to get to Kerrera. we walked down to the Southern tip but it was so foggy we had no chance of finding the castle. (without a very dangerous decent down the slope, which from the map i knew led straight down onto some cliffs - with the visibility?!) so mother got really pissy about it & we almost missed the ferry back! walked around some of Oban in the aftternoon- there was nothing decent on the shops apart from uber-tak .. so Jenny & MArion, i'll find you sumin in France, i guessed a platic glass with a curly straw around sayinbg Scotland wouldn't appeal!there was an Ottakas bookshop though - got a book on the Highland Geology trail - no guessing what i want to do!! went to Dunstattnage Castle & Chapel .. & Priory. then steak for dinner .. mm .. i love steak! hehe!
Tuesday 16th we left Oban quiet early & drove down to Dumfris were we went round Tommy's old factory. was interesting to an extent (like the lab part) but it smelt of carbon black stuff!! Got to Ken & Linda's by 5ish so had to endure ages of piss taking (the AS at the moment) until i "went to bed" at 10pm! & all holidays Tommy's been telling people my GCSE results & then how it wont be a problem for me to have done realy well & get really high grades this time. when im round Ken & Linda i partially shut off - become more distant to try & stop them pissing me off .. but i just get the piss taken for being distant then! by this morning they ignored me though - which is good & bad.. literally like i didnt exist which althoyugh ment they werent pissing me off, annoyed me anyway!

Saw MArion & Jenny this afternoon which was cool - although i was in a kinda weird mood .. mm... Cowies are coming round later .. so i'll have to see Marion again! tragic! hehe!

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[12 Aug 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

going away soon ... not too much has happened. Laura came round this afternoon .. had some stuff to do like ironing etc. i had a lot to say in this update, but i can't actuly remember it at all .. so i'll update once we're back! hopefully get some nice pictures!

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[10 Aug 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | hot ]

its kinda hot today .. although not sunny. could be that i just walked up from Thornbury .. which might explain it! met up with Danna & Lucy this morning & didn't really do that much, but anyway! opticians was a waste of time as the contacts actuly make my vision worse - so that was kind of annoying! the guy put a weiurd dye in my eye as well. o well, at least i gave it a go!

didn't get the job at Tesco which sorta sucks, but at least i will have Friday & Saturday nights still. i think it would have been nice of them to tell me the reason why not .. just to help when i try & apply for other jobs. o well.

Anthony managed to break both his & the parents computers yesterday - hes getting very good at breaking comps! the printer has wrrived though which is grooovy .. at last we have one!

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Its the only way of getting out of here [08 Aug 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | bored ]

Didn't have much to do on Sunday .. went to church which was ok, also went driving in the afternoon for a bit. was kind of weird as spent 1/2 of it going down single track roads .. was fun in a weird way but you have to real slow on those kinda roads. i liked the normal country roads when they were national speed limit, normly got up to 50 before hitting the corners.. not that i like driving fast or anything! i had to make an omlette for tea .. which was ok - but i didnt have a clue what to do & mum was getting all pissy so i sorta had to make it up, apart from the obvious you use eggs!

in the evening the Austwicks & Rachel's family including David (the Swiss guy who is now back in Switzerland) came round. had choc fondue which was really nice (obviously! as it was chocolate!) didn't really do much for a while .. just talking with Jenny & Rachel really. but we decided we'd hide in the loft from David 'cause he was trying to make us play some weird card game. problem was he partially closed the ladder (thats probly not how you say it) so we had to try & extend it from inside the loft .. was interesting! we came down after that & went outside 'cause thats were Pants & Ed had gone. but they kept running away which i thought was a bit rude personally. so we gave up but then David jumped out from behind the shed & decided we were playing a 'game' which involved almost chucking Rachel on her head then grabbing onto me & not letting go at all (& he was bloody strong & really tall, even though hes only 15) .. so that went on for like 15 minutes .. at one point he took me off by myself & started saying realy scary stuff & just fraking me out. he really wouldn't let go either .. really not nice at all. a really weird guy ..

got the Kaiser Chiefs cd .. its really good! hehe .. wonders of online ordering! we are also getting a printer on Wednesday hopefully .. which will really good! although Anthony's computer has broken - missing ntldr files which are critical to a comp working so all he can do is get it into the Dos stage. interesting why the hell it messed up really ..

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I feel like they're talking in a language i don't speak [06 Aug 2005|08:38pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Yesterday had to cover for 1/2 the office being absent at my mums work, so spent the day renaming files, making tea / coffee .. photocopying, post, running up & down stairs etc. was kinda boring but i will be getting paid for it! had TEsco interview as well .. asked a load've questions realting to how you do stuff - & having to relate it to a situation. Then had to go & help pack bags, & watch someone scanning stuff ... i''ll know in 10 days whether i get the job or not.

today has been avoid the argument day - not been fun at all, & dinner was a "take the piss outta Michelle" one, which i also enjoyed immensly. family are so bloody frustrating.

you can tell its the summer, i have even less to update about - ridiculous! o well .. church tomorrow .. should be going driving to . .if Tommy gets round to it ..

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[04 Aug 2005|11:56am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'll try & update properly now! hopefully IE isn't gonna mess up again otherwise i might have to kill my computer. Pants is in the kitchen atm .. cooking quiche & choc slices or sumin - strange child!!

i got an appointment to see if i can wear contacts on Wednesday - thought i may as well give it a go. the parents have basicly refused to pay if i can though .. so really its gonna be a bit of a pointless exercise! would cost around £22 a month aprntly (thats what the dude said) .. but he also thinks its quite likely my vision won't be very good with them due to my prescription .. may as well see anyway!

i finished off a 1st draft of my personal statement yesterday - emailed it to Brainer & Uncle Nick to see what they think. i want to try & have it done before September .. because that will mean i have most of the UCAS stuff done & gets rid of even more stuff i'm going to have to do in Septmber.

was talking to the parents last night about what i've been doing & the fact i want to have a break from doing hwk & school stuff for this week 'cause otherwise its really not a holiday. they actuly agreede. .which was kinda schocking but good!!

Had an email from Will today & he attached a few pictures from out in Mongolia (were he still is, they just completed the trekking stage) this picture i think is absolutely amazing! anyway, im quite bored today & have spent ages on this update!!

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Don't build your world around volcanoes, they melt you down [03 Aug 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Well Tesco being wonderful & all that cancelled the interview today; as i turned up, cause the guy ment to be interviewing me was off ill! i mean i know its not his fault, but it was kinda frustrating! they're gonna phone tomorrow to arrange another one. walked round for a couple hours with Laura this morning .. just randomly talking really, was groovy though. had to go & teach people at my mothers work how to burn cds before lunch (i did get a lift up home for it though!) you would expect that an office full of profesionals & people who work all day on a computer could work it out, aprantly not though! went out with Jenny after lunch & wal;ked Codie then went back to her house for a while. really another very unconstructive day! did considerably more than i did yesterday.

i had so much more i was gonna put but IE kept randomly going to other pages / crahsing .. which is annoying as hell.. maybe update properly tomorrow!

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Can you save me from myself? [02 Aug 2005|01:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Holidays can get so boring. I know i have hwk to do - but this is ment to be a break & i kinda figured i should have a few days were i'm not having to work! went round to Rachel's with Anthony yesterday for the afternoon / evening. was quite amusing as they have a swiss dude called Daveid staying (although him & rachel dont really get on!) .. i was invited to Stone Henge .. but job interview then, anyway - Pants has to be picked up by the Austwicks at 7:30am to get into Parkway for the right train, which i think is amusing personally! i just did an hours worth of ironing to keep the parents happy / quite .. Pants is cooking lunch & it smells .. interesting .. like burnt onion to me! i'll find out soon anyway!

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Walking on eggshells .. [31 Jul 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Finally, i have actuly survived the weekend of the step-relatives. so much effort. got up Leyland on Friday night & straight away Linda is "o Anthony, have some cake, you look tired, how are you, what was Germany like, i saw this which might interest you" etc etc. Saturday had the wonders of a trip to Tesco - WOW!! hehe .. or not, then it was lunch at some really crap restaurant (there was raw meat on the bread that was out which didnt give a great first impression to be honest!) & it was with 31 random relatives / friends of Linda's cause it was her 60th .. so of course that was fun, making conversation with all these people who are much older than me, know nothing about me & who i'll rarely see. & if that wasnt enough, get back to Ken & Linda's house & 1/2 the relatives plus more come round ofr tea. including great great Auntie Norma (although shes only 67 or something!) .. as Stuart described her - psyco geiatric floozy. so another few hours of that was SO fun .. or not (as they are all exceptionally loud & extroverts, i basicly just sat there cause i am NOT an extrovert un der any circumstances!) went round to Gel & Rachel's after that (like 7:30pm - midnight) but that was much better. actualy enjoyed that part of the weekend. partially went shopping this morning & then chopped up a tree. thats it really. in general i'm very bored - what a shitty pointless waste of a weekend.

Wednesday i have a job interview for Tesco - they want me to work Friday & Saturday evenings 6- 10pm. so there goes any social life i have if i get it; just have to see. money is worth it - but it'd meen i'd see a lot less of Marion as thats the normal time we go round the Cowie's or they come round here .. so that would suck a lot really. just have to see what happens i suppose!

i now have a set of speakers Gel gave me for now - they have bass adjustment which makes me happy!! put Schnappi in a frame & Tommy's going to put him up for me tomorrow .. so thats pretty groovy.

Going to have to start work on my hwk tomorrow .. & have a load more precedents to rename for mothers work & also really need to get my personal statement done by Wednesday so i can email Brainer it to check over.

i'm really tired, since GErmany have actuly slept really badly - i didnt sleep great in Germany .. but in general it was a lot better than normal .. & .. mm .. its so bloody annoyiung. the last 2 days i've done basicly nothing & i've been so tired by about now, yet in Germany i was doing stuff all day, getting up early & didnt feel tired like this ..

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[29 Jul 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | content ]

got back around 10pm last night from Germany which was quite good - the actual travelling part of the journey was really good. thing was Becky was uber-hyper for 50% the time & there was Cathy who was really annoying & Rosie .. & with all 3 really hyper & loud (like most of the bus) it was kinda stressful to be honest!

Saturday 23/7 started off at like midnight & travelled to Dover, not that much happened. Ferry was groovy, haven't been on one in ages & we had breakfast on it which, considering, was pretty good. went and spent ages stood on deck which was really good! the rest of the journey was pretty uneventful - went through France & Belgium to get to Germany, thats about it! got there in time for dinner which was (every night) pretty nice! went for a walk down to the Rhine (in saint goarshausen) & then most people went to bed 'cause everyone was knackered (45mins sleep in total !)
Sunday Had a rehearsal in the morning in the hotel's courtyard & then a cooked lunch. also had Pants telling us all about Strip Blackjack or something like that! Afterwards went to rudesheim for a while & looked round then drove to Bacharach were we had an evening concert in a church. it went ok although 4 seasons went kinda bad as i screwed up part of the solo. In general though it was good. had a really late meal & that was basicly the day.
Monday In the morning we went to Cochem castle & looked around the town. had a guided tour thingy of the castle which was kinda interesting - there were these weiurd things the guy said were lions with helmets - but they looked very much like frogs to me! had lunch sat on the front which was cool & then we drove to Bad Bertrich. On the way some truck driver person took our left wing mirror off so tht delayed us for a while whilst Richard (our driver) tried to sort it out. i then had to takl to the Bad Bertrich tourist info office on the phone 'cause none of them knew any english! had to act as translator when we got thre to! it turned out to be an outside concert that in general went really well - apart from the music being blown of stands etc! that evening back at the hotel we had a talent show, not real;ly sure what our group was doing- apart from Sam was dressed up pretty well in drag & there were some chavs. it was very funny though !
Tuesday had some free time in the morning around saint goarshausen & then we got the ferry up to Boppard. had to set up for the wind only concert in the bandstand there & then watched it. afterwards had quite a lot of free time so me, Jenny, Becky & Marion went & had really nice coffee & cake at cafe then went shopping ! got Sarah a thankyou present for the tour & everything - resulting in nearly 20 euros in 50 cent pieces or less!! stopped off at the point were the Rhine & Mossel meet. had a disco in the evening. was ok, but nothing great really!
Wednesday was the theme park. never been to one before & wasn;t particularaly looking forward to it. was good though. went on log flume & then this really cool water ride which me & Marion got completley soaked from (literally!!) i was kinda a fuck after that though - i felt kinda ill & was pissed off at the fact we had Rosie coming around with us. drove onto our final concert at bad neuenahr which again went really well. went back via McDonalds for dinner .. mm .. yummyness!! hehe!

so that was the tour 'cause i've already said about Thursday!
PicturesCollapse )

found out when we got back that we're going up to Preston tonight for the weekend 'cause its Linda's 60th. kinda annoying really, i spose it is when Jenny & Marion are still away. but Ken & Linda really annoy me & a load've relaives too ... mm ... could be really fun! come back Sunday evening .. so its only two days really. might be able to get something interesting done.. dunno! so today concicts mainly of trying to wash some clothing for tonight / the weekend.

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Something Glorious is about to happen... [22 Jul 2005|09:32pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

HEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEEE! Germany in like 2 1/2 hours .. so thats me away until Thursday. Gonna be absoloutley amazing! Oscars thing was ok today .. mm ... im bored & too hyper to really update .. so .. yeah! hehehehee! till 5 days times"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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People for miles [18 Jul 2005|10:31pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Just got back from the Thai. It was so great to spend time with those guys again. Yeah i see most of them at school every day (apart from Phil W & Emma) .. but we were the group again. We had a laugh, we talking about Peru - all the great bits, & crap stuff .. & it just felt so good being with those guys again. I felt really happy, relaxed & confident. i really enjoyed it. Peru did so much for me & a lot of that was down to the people who were there with me; i really realised that tonight.

This time last year we were spending our first night in the village. Me & Ben had cooked the most awful meal i think i'll ever taste OR cook! we managed to produce 1 1/2 metre high flames when trying to cook, & all 12 slept in the hammocks only to be woken by a cracking & the feeling of falling about 10cm! but .. there are so many more memories i have - the reception the villagers gave us, when we sat in the school & wated to be shown our house - the way the kids stared (not in a horrible way, but because we were so different to them) .. ..

It seems like so more than a year ago i went to Peru - so much longer. some people were saying how close it felt .. but for a few of us it seems like forever. i don't know why that is. to be honest i really don't mind.

Brainer gave me a lift back home after the meal - which was kinda amusing 'cause i had to give her directions. i knew i would - she don't know the area .. but its funny giving a geo teacher directions! we kinda had a convo all about the dvd my dad sent .. was kinda weird - but it felt ok. i felt comfertable talking to her!

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an under water guy who controlled the sea got killed by ten million pounds of sludge [17 Jul 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

rest of the week at school was pretty uneventful - cant think of anything interesting that happened to be honest! boring school .. done some of the hwk, but to be honest reading Harry Potter seems so much more appealing for some very obscure reason !! wonder why that is!

Friday was Lucy's party which was pretty cool - watched Finding Nemo again .. hehee! its such a cool film! played badminton - me & laura played badminton for ages when everyone else went in to watch Hitch .. was good actuly. Music on Saturday kinda sucked - Mr Phillips can't come which seriously sucks, & just the whole rehearsal was kind flat 'cause of that. & theres stupid FUCKING Rosie .. shes fucking doing my head, she was so annoying today at the garden party & .. grr. .. shouldn't let her get to me, shes not worth it .. 5 baptisms at church today- wasnt as long as i thought actuly which was ok.

i feel so frustrated at the moment, by so many things. the parents are doing my head in, nothing in particular, just little things & Pants is up his own arse at the moment & won't shut up about how good he is at this & that etc. just does my head in really.& when i was talking to Laura earlier i wanted to be totally honest, but couldn't be 'cause i know it would've come across wrong, as me being harsh .. & .. hmm .. yeah.

a year ago i was in Peru, & i keep drifting off into daydreams about that - it was fucking amazing, i dunno, cant describe it to be honest. i think having a 'Peru' meal tomorrow is good though, although Will can't come 'cause he is on another WC ecpedition at the moment. i just wish i could do Peru all over again, & know were i went wrong last time & just make sure that don'e happen. i know i can't - just some of the things seem so stupid now ..

i watched the dvd my dad sent me .. its fran healy going round Sudan for 20 mins looking at schools & stuff. i mean, my dads not on it, hes refered to at one point, but you have to know .. hes on the credits - thats it though. i dont, therefore, understand why it upset me so much, why i felt like i've been missing a massive part of me .. & still am, but now i know that i am i really want that part. i dunno, i don't understand it myself.

5 DAYS TO GERMANY!!! & its going to be so amazing. should be great ! have 1/2 day on Friday so hopfully my wonderful mother will give me a lift home at lunch so i don't have to sit round at the GPs for ever! hm ... anyway, trig assignement to do ..

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